Reduce Stress Using Nirvalla Premium CBD


Stress is a natural and healthy reaction usually meant to protect your body. When stress is constant and lasts for an extended period of time, it is known as chronic stress, which can be very harmful to your body. A chronic stress response can have a negative impact on physical and mental well-being and can result in a variety of health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and depression. Stress can also cause sleep deprivation, and increase cortisol, causing worsened pain and inflammation.

At Nirvalla, we are experts in helping you find the perfect CBD product to help alleviate stress, and aid relaxation. Cannabinoids work with our bodies to effectively reduce symptoms associated with stress and anxiety to promote a healthier sense of being. Whether you’re looking for CBD oils, or CBD edibles, we have what you need at Nirvalla in Phoenix, AZ.

“Why I Believe In CBD”

Nirvalla Chief Advisor
Charlie Piermarini, PA-C, MS, MPH
CEO- Restorative Care of Arizona

With my experience in pain management and my research on CBD, I have come to believe in its potential effects on health and wellness. I trust Nirvalla for myself, my family and my patients.


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