//CBD Capsules – 600MG

CBD Capsules – 600MG


Many people enjoy the convenience of CBD CAPSULES. Nirvalla offers 600mg strength CBD capsules for your convenience. Each bottle contains 30 20mg doses of CBD. Our capsules are Softgel GelCaps which break down in the stomach just a little quicker than a standard capsule. This allows the product to enter your system faster. The GelCaps are made with all natural ingredients

*Minor packaging changes such as bottle color and/or label color may vary from state to state.

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Each order of our 30 count bag or bottle of Nirvalla Pressed Pills contain 600mg of CBD or 20mg of the highest quality CBD oil per pill. All ingredients are all natural. Delicious and an easy way to take the wanted dose of CBD daily. This is another CBD delivery method that can help certain conditions that are hard to treat with Oils.


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